Carnival Magic Cruise Ship

Mobility Scooter Deliveries in Norfolk, VA

The GoGo Transportable Scooter will fit in all cabins on-board the Carnival Magic.

The Victory 10 Standard Scooter will fit in all Accesible Cabins on-board the Carnival Magic.

Standard and Wide Collapsible wheelchairs available for delivery to all cabins on-board the Carnival Magic. Carnival Cruise lines offers free wheelchair service curbside to on-board.

Cruise Ship Delivery Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Carnival Magic provide scooters?

Most cruise lines around the world do NOT provide mobility equipment rentals. Carnival has partnered with Scootaround to provide rentals of mobility scooters delivered and collected from the cabin.

Can I bring my own mobility scooter?

Absolutely, mobility scooters are personal medical equipment and will help you comfortably enjoy the cruise. The Carnival Magic has accessible public areas, large hallways, special wheelchair seating, automatic doors to food areas, accessible cabins and accessible public restrooms. Just make sure your device fits in the cabin you reserved. Anything larger than a transportable scooter should be used in an accessible cabin. Transportable scooters like the Pride GoGo are perfect for standard cabins.

Can I rent a mobility scooter?

Yes, you can rent a mobility scooter on the Carnival Magic by booking with Scootaround. Call Scootaround at 1-888-441-7575 or book online. Once your equipment has been ordered, we deliver your mobility scooter rental directly to your cabin on the embark date and collect when finished.

What if I need support while at sea?

Most issues can be solved with simple troubleshooting instructions. However, the front desk has access to email if you do not. Email us at or for trouble shooting assistance. Even though you are far away, we are still available for support 24/7.

Can I take the scooter with me on ports of call?

It’s our policy to state that you are responsible for the safe return and usage of the rented scooter while on-board the Carnival Magic. We do not recommend taking mobility scooters off the ship. The intent for these scooters is to access all public areas of the Carnival Magic.

Can I rent a Power Lift Chair Recliner?

Absolutely, we provide Power Lift Chair Recliners to accessible cabins on board the Carnival Magic sailing out of Norfolk, VA. Call Scootaround at 1-888-441-7575 for pricing and availability.

What other mobility products are available to rent?

We provide transportable scooters, larger scooters like the Pride Victory 10, standard and wide wheelchairs, transport chairs, walkers, rollators, as well as shower benches. Call Scootaround at 1-888-441-7575 for pricing and availability.

Bookings are now available though October 2023 & February 2025

Carnival Cruise Line has announced expanded service out of Norfolk, VA. They have more than doubled the amount of available trips on-board the Carnival Magic to places like the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Eastern Caribbean.

Norfolk Cruise Port will be closed for repairs during 2024.

Carnival Sunshine arrives February 2025, Future bookings are available.

Book today with Scootaround

Beach Power Mobility is partners with Scootaround and Carnival Cruise lines to provide mobility equipment to the Carnival Magic and Carnival Sunshine. Call Scootaround to reserve a scooter at 1-888-441-7575 or click here to learn more from Carnival’s website.

Carnival Magic Cruise Ship Mobility Scooter Deliveries in Norfolk


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